Hampstead Tea


n/aHampstead Tea's single estate teas are grown at Makaibari, a one hundred and twenty five year old heritage tea estate in Darjeeling, India, and the first biodynamic estate in the world.
The tea estate is situated 3,000 – 4,000 feet high up in the Himalayas and is protected on all sides by lush virgin forests and is home and livelihood to a community of 1,700 people, a family of panthers and a richly diverse wildlife.

All Hampstead Teas are certified Demeter, which is the highest standard for sustainable agriculture and often called “organic plus". They are also 100% Fair Trade - naturally!

Hampstead Tea has also won over 12 International Food & Drink Awards, a real testament to the dedication and care taken to ensure you get to enjoy the finest cup of tea possible.

ChaiHampstead Tea
Chai (Loose Leaf)Hampstead Tea
Chai Orange Iced TeaHampstead Tea
ChamomileHampstead Tea
Chamomile (Foodservice)Hampstead Tea
DarjeelingHampstead Tea
Darjeeling (Foodservice)Hampstead Tea
Darjeeling Cherry Iced TeaHampstead Tea
Earl GreyHampstead Tea
Earl Grey (Foodservice)Hampstead Tea
Earl Grey (Loose Leaf)Hampstead Tea
English BreakfastHampstead Tea
English Breakfast (Foodservice)Hampstead Tea
English Breakfast (Loose Leaf)Hampstead Tea
Fennel LiquoriceHampstead Tea
Ginger GreenHampstead Tea
Green JasmineHampstead Tea
Green TeaHampstead Tea
Green Tea (Foodservice)Hampstead Tea
Green Tea (Loose Leaf)Hampstead Tea
Green VerveineHampstead Tea
Lemon GingerHampstead Tea
Lemon ValerianHampstead Tea
Mint GreenHampstead Tea
Oolong Elderflower Iced TeaHampstead Tea
Oolong TeaHampstead Tea
PeppermintHampstead Tea
Peppermint (Foodservice)Hampstead Tea
Rosehip HibiscusHampstead Tea
White TeaHampstead Tea