Fair. Fancy. Organic.

Tielka is proud founder of Australia's first certified Fairtrade organic tea collection and a 100% Australian owned family business.

But it's not just about fresh certified Fairtrade organic loose leaf tea & stylish tea ware coming direct to you from artisan tea farmers or the next-to-none quality and vibrancy of flavour, abundance of tea-goodness and nutrients, because let’s face it… you’re already expecting that, and you should too.

But there’s that moment… the package is in your hand. That bubble of excitement, a glee of childish anticipation and the teapot is already itching to be switched on. Pouches of gorgeous, unexpected flavours and colours begging to be tossed with water in a pot of glass, it’s done in minutes, the couch is waiting and there you have it.

Indulge in Life – that’s from us to you.

Apricot Blossom White TeaTielka
China Breakfast Black TeaTielka
Earl Rouge RooibosTielka
Earl Royale Black TeaTielka
English Breakfast Black TeaTielka
Jade Mist Green TeaTielka
Midnight Blossom Oolong TeaTielka
Moonlight White TeaTielka
Northern Cape Chai RooibosTielka
Rose Moscato Green TeaTielka
South Cloud ChaiTielka
Wild RooibosTielka
Yunnan Dusk Pu-erh TeaTielka