About Fairly Local

Change is in your hands

Every time you spend money, your decision, however small, changes the world around you. It's a tiny piece of influence we exert with every dollar we spend.

We live in a world with amazing access to products from all over the world. And yet, a world which can all too often hide child labour, unfair wages, and inhuman working conditions.

At Fairly Local, we believe the change the world needs is already in your hands. Shopping ethical means more than feeling good about what you buy, it's about empowering the people who make our products, with the standards they deserve.

And we need your help. Let's build the world's best ethical search engine. Together.

What does this site do?

Fairly Local allows you to search your local suburbs for Fairtrade products, using shared information provided by those in your neighbourhood who know where to buy Fairtrade products and want to let their neighbours know. They add those listings to this website, and that information becomes available to their neighbours or anyone looking for Fairtrade products in that suburb. Likewise, if you know where to buy Fairtrade products you can add those local listings to Fairly Local and make that infomation available to all your neighbours.